Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Did It!

Well, yesterday at 5:00 pm I picked up my senior portfolio and walked out of Stevenson Hall for the last time as an ISU student.  I finished.  It feels so strange to be done.  I'm looking around my desk (read: our dining room table) and wondering what it could look like now that I'm not a student anymore.  Maybe it'll be clean!  (Never gonna happen.)

I can't believe I'm not a student anymore!  It's been such a major part of my identity for so long.  I mean, I'll be 27 in June.  It reminds me of Tommy Boy: "A lot of people go to college for seven years."  "Yeah, they're called doctors."

It'll be interesting to see how this next year goes.  Chris still has a year of school left, so I'll (hopefully) be able to bring home the bacon.  I left the job that I talked about here.  Chris is going to Maryland this summer for his internship and I'll be staying back to take care of the cats.  We were hoping that I could go with him, but we can't find a good solution that takes care of the cats and allows me to go to MD.  So, this summer will be a lot of reading, writing, pooling, and visiting my mama and sister.  After I head out to MD in July, I'll come back and get down to business.  It'll be business time.  I'll find a job, get lots of money (like millions of dollars every year, probably), and maybe we'll get to have Cable!

For now, though, it's off to find an awesome graduation party dress.  Then some more wine tonight.  So far, being done is pretty fantastic.