Thursday, June 23, 2011

To my lovely, amazing husband on our fourth anniversary:

Dear Chris, 

Since we have no money, and I have an abundance of time and my internet works, I decided to write you this celebratory anniversary letter.

I can clearly remember the very first time I saw you.  You were dressed in that brown corduroy blazer that had elbow patches, and you sat in the camel-colored leather chair in my apartment.  Your hair was almost shoulder length and blonde (YES, it was blonde).  I know you may not remember this moment as well as I do, for reasons that will remain unsaid (since this is the freaking internet); however, I know that when you first saw me, when you truly saw me for the first time, it was love at first sight. 

So now here we are, eight years later, four of them spent in marriage.  You're off in Maryland, trying to make a future for us, and I'm here in Urbana, reading pop fiction and watching our free trial of movie channels.  And God, do I miss you.  Sometimes I'll try and break from my routine.  I'll put Game of Thrones down, and turn off the Game of Thrones episode I'm watching on HBO, and I'll head to my computer.  

Apparently, it's just ketchup in those pictures.  Go figure.  Other days, I put on my protective gear, get on my bike, and take to the streets.

Even with these incredibly exciting activities, I'm dying to come see you.  It's one week from tomorrow, and I'm there!  I wonder how you'll react when you see me for the first time in over a month?

I don't think we'll have a run-in like that.  I think it'll be more like this:

We can decide later who gets to ride on whose back.  I'm not only excited about the moment we get to see each other at the airport on Friday night, I'm excited for all the things we're going to do together once I get to Maryland.  I'm sure there will be stuff that I want to do that you don't, and stuff you want to do that I don't, but let's try and be good sports and cooperate.

We'll try to do mostly fun and unique I'll guess we'll stay away from this place:

Maybe we'll go to Ellicott City instead and actually park and go into some of the shops!  It looks like fun. :)

Or maybe we should go bowling?  We haven't bowled in forever!

Ew, no.  Maybe we shouldn't go bowling.  I know, we'll watch a movie!  I'll bring some with me and we can watch them at the hotel.  I'll bring our favorites.

If we feel like getting out of the hotel for a while, we could go to the movies.  We always love doing that. 

And when we're all movied out, maybe we'll go grab a beer somewhere at a local pub.

You know what drinking beer leads to?  Partying.  Big time partying.

Now I'm worried, though.  With all this sitting and movie-watching and beer-drinking, we may need to exercise.  I know you found that beautiful walking trail, so that's where we should go.  First things first, you need to dress in your workout clothes, comfortable and breathable.

Perfect!  Now we're ready to take that trail by storm.  

There is another way we can exercise that I haven't mentioned yet (a brief apology to all those reading this who are not my husband and who may be grossed out by the next few pictures...). 

 It's true.  And I'm so glad I don't have to worry about you talking to people about our intimate life.  I can trust you.

Our nights can also include us staying up really late talking about all the important things in life.  We can really get into the deep truths that surround us and develop ideas that will take us into the next phase of our lives.

Speaking of the next phase of our lives, let's jump from this trip in Maryland to our future.  I feel so lucky to have someone like you by my side.  Like you've said before, sometimes I'll need your support more than you need mine, and sometimes you'll need my support more than I need yours.  But whatever the balance is, it's comforting to know that we've always got each other's backs. 

And I know that no matter what I want to do in the future, whether it's being a stay at home wife/mother, or finding a place for my passion outside our home, I have your support and your wisdom backing me up.  Maybe we could open something like this together?

Really, I don't care what I end up doing to make a living, or what you end up doing.  The only thing I care about is that we get to do it all together.  I so look forward to everything that is in store for us and I'm so excited that I get to live my life being your wife and that I get to have you as my husband.  I cannot wait until you're back home with me.  After that, it doesn't matter where we live, because (as cliché as this is) home is wherever we are together.  

I am missing you big time, though.  I keep trying to find new ways to tell you how much I miss you.

But really, all I want is for you to come back to me.  

Yeah, that's the one.  Baby, come back!  

It's been a fantastic four years of marriage, and an amazing eight years of knowing you.  You are an incredible man, friend, and husband.  I can't wait to see what the coming years bring us and I can't wait to continue experiencing life with you.  

I love you so so much.