Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mother Puncher

“Somebody betta' come get this baby.” Then I punched her. Not the baby. I punched the woman that had been holding the baby before somebody came and got it. I punched her good. Then she was on the ground, and I hit her again. It was in slow-motion but I definitely made contact.

This was only part of my dream. Usually when I dream-beat-the-crap-outta-people I’m in super slo-mo and I can’t actually hurt them. Unfortunately for the lady last night, this was not the case.

Why am I beating up unsuspecting mothers, you ask? Well, she was judging me. Throughout the entire dream, this woman was in the background making tsk-tsks, scoffing, and commenting under her breath. I couldn’t take it anymore. Obviously, like in any dream, this woman represented a few different people in my life. Over the weekend I had a few intense encounters with some of the judgmental superstars in my life. Then I went to sleep and took care of it. I love dreams for that reason.

Does dreaming about resolving the problem help me to deal better? (And yes, I’m saying that punching a mother is a resolution.) I don’t know. It feels like an outlet of sorts. However, I’m not dealing with the problem in real life. The judgmental superstars have no idea I’m dreaming about beating them to a pulp. I have yet to confront them. And I struggle often with the idea of confronting these people or trying to let go of their control over my feelings. If I didn’t let them affect me so much, it wouldn’t matter that they judge me.

All I truly know is, “Somebody betta' come get this baby.”


  1. I was "LOL" literally! This is AWESOME!!

  2. I can hear you saying this...And I'm laughing.